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Build Beyond Resources

VAST Data Platform

The world’s first data platform that unifies storage, database, and compute services, into one performant global namespace that enables AI data pipelines to be completely reimagined.

VAST DataStore

A scalable multi-protocol storage architecture for your unstructured data that meets the needs of the most powerful AI computing architectures, while bringing archive economics.

VAST DataSpace

A global namespace that enables high-performance reads and writes across all of your locations from edge-to-cloud, while ensuring strict consistency.

VAST DataBase

An exabyte-scale database system enabling real-time data capture, cataloging, analyzing, and correlating, by combining the benefits of a database, data warehouse, and data lake.

VAST DataEngine

A global function execution engine that simplifies AI pipeline management by enabling customers to configure triggers and run their own functions across all their data.

DASE™️ Architecture

The ground-breaking foundation of the VAST Data Platform that empowers the most demanding workloads by providing performance, capacity, scale, resilience, and simplicity.

The Future of Data Platforms

VAST is attempting to re-imagine the future of data platforms. We kick off the program unpacking the VAST announcements and mapping it to theCUBE's model of how data apps are evolving.

VAST Vision - A Platform Built for the AI Era

We sit down with the driving force behind VAST Data, the CEO and co-founder will lay out his vision and share how he sees the future of data platforms delivering value for society and industries.

A Deeper Dive into the VAST Data Platform

Co-founder Jeff Denworth digs into the salient elements of the VAST Data Platform and how it's different than today's modern data systems. We'll also unpack the role of AI, the gaps in today's market offerings and the role VAST intends to play in the AI value chain.

NVIDIA + VAST is Powering the Future of AI Infrastructure

NVIDIA is the mainspring of AI innovation, driving new forms of capabilities in processing power that will take the industry to the next level of data value. But they can't do it alone. In this session we explore how VAST is partnering with Nvidia and what role it plays in the value chain.

Aquatic Capital Management: Deep Research Meets AI to Deliver Alpha to Investors

VAST is about solving hard data problems. Aquatic Capital Management is using applied research and AI to build investment strategies, combining a high-performance research and a development platform that it hopes will be the world's best prediction machine. How is this changing the world of investing? What data problems is the company facing and how is VAST helping power its business?

Unfiltered Independent Analyst Roundtable

In this session, two former respected Gartner data analysts provide their independent view of the market, trends, customer requirements, future industry directions and where VAST fits.